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What happens if the account holder uses up their credit limit in SCLMS?
The user can repay the amount and the credit balance can be refreshed using the Increase Credit Balance API.
On what basis is the credit limit of the user ascertained?
The credit limit for account holders is decided by the partners who offer the credit limit feature on their platform.
If an account holder is unable to repay the credit amount in the first month, are they eligible for credit in the next month?
Fusion imposes no restrictions in terms of the API. However, the fintech can choose to impose their policies and restrictions on their account holders.
Is it possible to transfer funds from one fintech account to another?
No, this is not supported.
If the credit limit of an account is inactive, can it be active again?
Yes, the credit limit of an account can be toggled between “INACTIVE” and “ACTIVE”, as necessary.
Can we configure CLMS for a Legal Account Holder (LAH)?
No, this is not supported.