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Account Types

An account is a store of value and can be of an asset type or liability type and is internally represented as an accounting ledger. An account is typically accompanied by a passbook and has an owner known as an account holder.

In this article, you learn about the different types of accounts

Pool account

FinTech or the VBO creates a current account with an issuer. The fintech then funds the current account to enable the issuer to maintain a pool account in the banking system. The pool account is used to flow the money from the banking system to the fintech’s funding account in the Zeta system.

Funding account

Funding Accounts are maintained on the Zeta system to keep a track of the transactions that a fintech and its associated entities perform. Fintech can disburse funds from their Funding Account to Account Holder’s Account. Zeta may fund fintech’s Funding Account basis standing instructions from the Issuer or on request from the fintech.

Real Account Holder (RAH) Account

Fintech creates an account for the on-boarded Real Account Holder (RAH) in the Zeta system. This account can be funded by the fintech using their funding account. RAH can also load money through a Payment Gateway.

Multiple Accounts supported per Real Account Holder (RAH)

A single RAH can have multiple accounts across different fintechs using a single phone number and OVD (Officially Valid Document). However, in case of different phone number or OVD, there are 2 use-cases to consider as explained below:

Use-Case 1: A RAH uses the same phone number but two different OVD numbers to create two accounts with two fintechs. In such cases, the entry for that particular RAH will be expanded in the system by adding both the provided OVD numbers.

Use-Case 2: A RAH uses tries to use two different phone number to create accounts but same OVD with two different fintechs.

In such a case, since suspicion over the genuinity of the user arises, an error message will be sent out to the user asking to use a third phone number. If the RAH does not provide a third phone number, then an offline process involving the operations team checking the phone and OVD numbers shall take place.