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Manage Accounts

You can manage and retrieve Accounts or subsets of an Account like Resources, Account Product and Payment Product using the Bundle APIs.

Get Accounts

Call /bundles/bundleID endpoint to retrieve all the existing Accounts available for a bundle. The response returns an array of all available Bundles with a unique identifier, id , for each Bundle. Each of these Bundles contain the Account details within them.

Request parameters

  • ifiID : Required. Unique identifier of the IFI .
  • bundleID : Required. Id of the bundle whose details are being retrieved .

Get Accounts Details

A Resource is responsible for digital authentication of any transaction - financial or non-financial. An Account issued to an Account Holder includes Resource, which is internally mapped to a phone number and payment card.

Fusion provides two APIs to fetch Resource details— by Resource ID, or by Vector. Each API requires different path parameters, and is explained with examples in detail below:

Get Accounts by Resource ID

When you issue a Bundle to an Account Holder, a Resource is created with a unique identifier that represents the Account Holder in Fusion’s payment ecosystem.

To get the details of the Resource, call the /bundles API and pass the identifier, Resource ID, as path parameter.

Request Parameters

  • ifiID: Required. Unique identifier of the IFI.

  • resourceID: Required. Unique identifier of the Resource for whom the details are fetched.

Get Accounts by Vector

Vectors are identifiers, like phone number and email, that can be used to fetch details of an Account Holder. Here, we call the /resourceByVector API and use Account Holder’s ID as a Vector to fetch their Resource details.

Fusion generates the Account Holder ID when you create an Account Holder. The response returns Resource details, including the Form Factors associated with the Resource.

Input Parameters

  • ifiID: Required. Unique identifier of the IFI.

  • vectorType: Required. The type of Vector against which Resource details are fetched. Allowed value: ACCOUNTHOLDER

  • vectorValue: Required. Value of the Vector depending on the vectorType specified. Since, only Account Holder is currently supported, hence specify Account Holder ID here.

  • view: Optional. Parameter to filter the results. The following views are supported:

    • BASIC: Default view. Returns details of all the active and inactive Form Factors associated with the Resource.

    • EXPANDED: Returns details of all the active, inactive and deleted Form Factors associated with the Resource.