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About Fusion

About Fusion
Published on 24th March, 2021

What is Fusion

Fusion is an API-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering. It enables fintechs to build and manage financial products for their unique use-cases. Fusion offers seamless integration with banks, payment networks, card printers, push servers, and several other services.

Fusion APIs solve multiple use-cases like customer loyalty cards, corporate gifting, expense management, merchant payouts, just-in-time account funding, and so on.

Why Fusion

  • Time-to-market: Fusion APIs provide you instant access to its financial ecosystem. Use Fusion’s plug-and-play architecture to launch your products quickly.
  • Effortless integration: Fusion powers your team with interfaces and development environments required for effortless integration. Fusion provides RESTful APIs, webhooks, SDKs, private and production sandboxes, among other integration and extension mechanisms.
  • Comprehensive solution
    • Banking relationships on a platter: Fusion integrates with various banking technologies and service providers. It handles all the compliance, licensing, and data security requirements at its end.
    • Card order management: Fusion manages the entire card order life cycle from printing to delivery with its partner service providers.
    • Just-in-time account funding: With Fusion’s Just-In-Time (JIT) account funding, you can load accounts with required amounts at the time of transaction. This eliminates the need to maintain account balance and unblocks funds.
    • Rich transaction policies: Fusion provides support for comprehensive spend controls using transaction policies. Create custom rules to limit spends for any account.
    • Scalability: Zeta works with multiple IFIs (banks) and the platform is IFI agnostic. This guards Fusion fintechs against IFI side disruptions and provides for rapid fallback mechanisms. With a throughput of 1 million transactions per second (TPS), Fusion can handle any traffic volume scaling that businesses might demand.
    • Compliance: Fusion complies with regulatory requirements to safeguard sensitive data. The platform adheres to data security standards including ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and AICPA SOC 2.

What’s New

  • Payment Interceptors: Payment Interceptors are HTTPS endpoints that can accept a payment request along with a callback URL. Using interceptors, fintechs can intercept a payment request, use their internal decision engines, and notify the decision back to Fusion using the callback URL to allow or disallow the payment. The following illustration gives a simplified view of how payment interceptors work. For detailed information, see Interceptors 101: A definitive guide.